The Silicon Valley of the Middle East

17 07 2013

start-up-With more than 600 tech startups in its 20 square miles, Tel Aviv is second only to California’s Silicon Valley, attracting investment and guidance from giants including Google and eBay.

It’s all about an ecosystem of talented people eager to work together and tackle tough challenges. “You have everything you need and all the people who can help you get a startup going and make it successful,” says Roy Man, founder and CEO of DaPulse, which offers a new approach to internal corporate communications.

Click on the video to find out what makes Tel Aviv a startup city:

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Top 10 Startups in Tel Aviv by Wired Magazine

16 08 2011

Wired magazine published a great spread on its print version, covering Europe’s hottest startup capitals, including Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Moscow, Paris and Berlin, ranking the hottest startups in each of the cities.

Below are the 10 hottest startups in Tel Aviv according to Wired:

  1. The Gifts Project
  3. Wibiya
  4. Onavo
  5. BillGuard
  6. Snaptu
  8. Soluto
  9. Boxee
  10. TayKey

For a PDF of the print version, visit this link